About Us

We are a group of collaborative, passionate and committed women who want to support programs and organizations that make direct, immediate and positive impacts to those living in and around the Snoqualmie Valley.

Because we are a member driven group, we will consider supporting organizations of national and/or international scope if a member has a personal, compelling connection to an organization or if a member believes an organization provides a unique educational experience that broadens the membership’s national and/or global awareness.

Simple - Meet for 1 hour, 3x a year, bring a check for $100 to each meeting.

Impactful - 100 women donating $100 = $10,000.

Rewarding - Infuse a charity or nonprofit with a wad of cash.

Educational - Learn about organizations that impact and/or educate our community.

Collaborative - Hang out with people who aspire to make the world a better place.

Imagine - What an educational, environmental, arts, animal or healthcare organization could do with $10,000.