Presentation Tips

The structure of the presentation is meant to be informal. No handouts or Power Points, just a brief, heartfelt, informational ask for money for the charity you’re representing. Great information includes personal stories, how you connect to this group and how the money will be used. Examples are powerful and help people connect.

To help you get started:

Be prepared to speak briefly (3-5 minutes) about the organization you are representing starting with your responses #1-4 on your nomination form. You will have an opportunity to answer questions from the audience (for an additional 3-5 minutes). Please be considerate of this time limit.

  • Start with an engaging opening line, for example: “Every month, 75 women in our community are involved in a domestic violence dispute...”

  • State your name and the name and location of the organization.

  • Read Responses #1 – #4 on your Charity Nomination Form.

    • What is the mission and purpose of the organization?

    • What is the service area and who does the organization serve?

    • Be prepared to speak to the organization’s finances, including the size of their annual operating budget and how much they spend on administration and fundraising.

    • Describe specifically how our funds will be used, providing some background, for example:

      • Is this a new or existing program?

      • Does the charity have a plan to sustain the program after our funds have been used?

      • How many people/animals will be impacted by the funds?

    • Is the program essential? What might our community miss if it does not get funded?

    • What measurements will be used to ensure success of the program?

  • End with a heartfelt ask and thank you.

Nominated organizations will be listed on our website. Even by just nominating a charity, you raise awareness.