Previously Selected Charities

Friends of Echo Glen

October 2022

Money is being collected.

Friends of Echo Glen is a 100% volunteer community that exists with the sole purpose of helping the youth at Echo Glen Juvenile Correction Center to rewrite the scripts of their lives. These teens have immense untapped potential. We help them gain self-esteem by providing essential building blocks for healthy development thus breaking the cycle of neglect and abuse. Our donations will go toward purchasing laptops to teach the youth money management, how to write their resumes, business computer skills, do job searches, etc. These laptops would also allow these types of classes to be conducted by volunteers.

Learn more about Friends of Echo Glen.

Northwest Railway Museum

November 2021


The mission of the Northwest Railway Museum is to develop and operate an outstanding railroad museum where the public can experience the excitement of a working railroad and see and understand the role of railroads in the development and settlement of Washington State and adjacent areas. Our money was used to support the Northern Pacific 1901 car. We helped to purchase over 300 yards of fabric of synthetic mohair for upholstery.

Learn more about the Northwest Railway Museum.

North Bend Art and Industry

May 2021


North Bend Arts & Industry’s mission is to develop a regional environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can explore and nurture their creativity and curiosity. A maker space to expand perspectives and establish social connections through mentoring, incubation, and innovation in the arts.

Learn more about North Bend Art and Industry.

Mamma's Hands: House of Hope


This organization strives to help mothers in crisis find their way—to be the best they can be, for themselves and for their children. House of Hope is a trusted ally helping local moms and their children find refuge when they’re fleeing domestic violence. They support these mothers and children in their efforts to structure new living situations.

Learn more about Mamma's Hands.

Snoqualmie Valley Community Network: Suicide Prevention

October 2020


SVCN serves youth and their families throughout the Snoqualmie Valley. Their mission is to promote and inspire youth to lead safe, healthy, and successful lives. SVCN connects youth in meaningful ways through the Youth Development program. This includes Youth Suicide Prevention, Youth Leadership Development, Youth Success! Mentoring, Pathways to Employment Success, Youth Substance Use Prevention, and Weekend Power Packs. SVCN believes that connection is the best prevention.

Learn more about Snoqualmie Valley Community Network.

Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation

May 2020


SVSF has been funding Classroom Grants for over 30 years. In the last few years the Foundation significantly increased its impact on the students in the Snoqualmie Valley School District by also funding meaningful and essential District-Wide Initiatives and Professional Development opportunities for teachers.

Learn more about Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation.

Hope Allowed

February 2020


Hope Allowed’s mission is to nurture and uplift women out of pain and into a life of color and connection through education, training and mentoring. Our vision is to nurture and inspire hope and healing. We are a non profit organization dedicated to helping women permanently break the cycle of abuse by untangling distorted views abuse attaches to love. Our cornerstone is in the gentle wisdom of Sue Mocker, the founder and executive director of Hope Allowed. With us, you’re safe; feelings like hope are welcome, and allowed.

Learn more about Hope Allowed.

The Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services

October 2019


Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services' mission is to help people reclaim their lives. We provide life-changing services to those experiencing homelessness by working with our communities to provide emergency shelter, social services, and connections to permanent housing. We believe deeply in the power of relationships and work to meet people exactly where they are.

Learn more about Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services.

The Snoqualmie Valley Youth Activities and Community Center Ass. (SVYAC)

May 2019


Located in North Bend, Washington, the SVYAC is a registered non-profit organization which provides the local community and surrounding areas with a secure and safe location for multi-gender outdoor oriented non-profit organizations to hold meetings and activities. Established in the 1950’s, The SVYAC board is comprised of, and operated by community volunteers with strong ties to the community, youth and outdoor volunteer organizations for the purposes of maintaining a location where outdoor education and activities can thrive in the local Snoqualmie Valley area of Washington.

Learn more about SVYAC.

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Mt. Si Senior Center

March 2019


Our donations are being applied to the center's lunch program. The Center serves a delicious, nutritionally balanced hot meal daily at noon. Individuals 50 years and older and their guests are always welcome to join us. Lunch is served daily Monday through Friday at noon.

The Senior Mt. Si Center helps seniors to age with grace and dignity, while providing a supportive, interactive community of friends and activities. Their network of services is as large as it is varied. Valley seniors enjoy health, social, recreational and educational programs. Along with access to our low-income housing options and the fabulous network of SVT (Snoqualmie Valley Transportation) routes with door-to-door service. The Senior Center is one of our valley’s true gems.

Learn more about Mt. Si Senior Center.

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Days for Girls - Snoqualmie Chapter

Nov 2018


The Snoqualmie Chapter of Days for Girls has sewn and distributed over 2500+ menstrual hygiene kits in the past four years to the women and girls in Swaziland. They have set up 5 enterprises and a sewing center so the women of Swaziland can sew their own kits.

The grant will be used to purchase the Days for Girls kits that the women of Swaziland are sewing. This is a win-win, the women who sew are being paid to sew the Days for Girls kits and the girls and women who do not have the means to purchase menstrual supplies will be given the kits along with vital health education at no charge.

Days for Girls is changing the status quo through menstrual care solutions, health education, and income-generation opportunities. Around the world, girls and women resort to using rags, mattress stuffing, banana leaves, feathers and even cow dung to manage their menstruation. Days for Girls provides a safe, beautiful, washable, and long-lasting alternative for menstrual care, along with vital health education. Together we are creating a world with dignity, health and opportunity for all. In less than 10 years, Days for Girls has reached one million women and girls in 120+ countries on 6 continents.

“How do we thank you enough?

The vital support that you have just made possible is life changing. Days for Girls kits and programs add up to greater dignity, health, and opportunity. The support of 100 WWC will enable local leadership in Swaziland to sew and sell washable pads while being the creators and access point for quality Menstrual Health solutions, as well as, women's health and safety solutions. By empowering them to become experts in education, behavior change, and marketing, this becomes a sustainable approach that meets needs in a way that creates jobs, leadership, and access. There are a lot of things that are hard to change in the world, but helping women and girls have all of their days back is something we CAN do, together. And you just stepped up to ensure thousands of women have what they need. We are honored to have your support and to partner in this way. Thank you!” Celeste A. Mergens, Founder & CEO, Days for Girls

Learn more about Days for Girls.

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Pediatric Stroke Warriors

Oct 2018


The grant will provide critical funds to programs such as Warrior Bags and Brave boxes which are provided to children and families who have received a stroke diagnosis. The funds will also be allocated to fund our Helping Hand Therapy Grants awarded to families who need financial support for the many therapies that support the development of their children. Finally, the grant funds will go towards critical community and health worker awareness and education about childhood stroke, as delayed and missed diagnosis are a major factor for these families.

“We are blown away and very honored to accept this generous grant from 100WWC-GSV. The generosity of these women will be multiplied as we use these funds to support our warriors and their families and to promote education and awareness in the greater Snoqualmie Valley.”

Kaysee Hyatt – Executive Director / Co-Founder

Learn more about Pediatric Stroke Warriors.

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Snoqualmie Firefighters Association: Stop the Bleed Program

May 2018


Words cannot express my gratefulness to the 100WWC of the Snoqualmie Valley. The generosity shown and support for bringing a preparedness and education campaign to prevent the loss of life due to potential scenes of violence, shows how our community stands united to protect our children, in a place that they should feel safe. All funds from the 100WWC will be used by the Snoqualmie Firefighters' Association to purchase and install Public Access Bleeding Control Kits in the schools in the district, and to provide training programs to equip staff and students to act in an emergency.

Lt. Jake Fouts; FO

Accreditation Manager

C-Shift Supervisor

City of Snoqualmie Fire Department

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March 2018

Amount Awarded $13,200

Encompass would like to thank all the women of 100WWC for their generous donation towards our Parent Child Home Program! This home-based program supports school readiness, literacy development and positive parenting strategies for young children and families with success that has been measured all the way through high school. We are so grateful for your generosity. This donation will cover roughly a third of our remaining costs for the year for this program. The families and children of Encompass thank you!

Learn more about Encompass.

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Safe Crossings

November 2017

Amount Awarded $13,100

Safe Crossings Foundation: Safe Crossings Foundation has been dedicated to helping grieving children in the Puget Sound region who have lost a parent, sibling, or other loved one heal and thrive. They provide funding for community grief counseling, education, and support. One group, you might be familiar with in our valley is Forefront. They work in some of the Snoqualmie Valley Schools providing education on suicide prevention for teens & their families as well as support for those that have lost a loved one to suicide. They provide funding for in-home grief counseling & anticipatory grief visits. Grief counselors work closely with the family and children before, during and after their parent or sibling passes away. They navigate difficult conversations - like how to tell their child/teen that they are dying and how to say goodbye. They provide grief counseling for the unexpected. They also fund a bereavement camp-Called Camp Erin at Carnation Farms for children and teens.

Learn more about Safe Crossings Foundation.

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Northwest Art Center

October 2017

Amount Awarded $12,900

The Northwest Art Center (NWAC) is dedicated to providing a range of art classes, workshops, and community events designed to engage the Snoqualmie Valley community in visual art as well as the creative process. They provide a space where students, artists, and art supporters can connect and create. The Northwest Art Center is the only non-profit arts organization of its kind dedicated to supporting the rural Eastside. They believe that everyone should have access to quality art education. They also work to foster support for the arts in our community through outreach and public art experiences. They strive to keep art alive in the Snoqualmie Valley and beyond! It’s impossible to conceive of a world without art.

Learn more about Northwest Art Center.

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Tanner Jeans Memorial Fund

May 2017

Amount Awarded $14,200

The Tanner Jeans Memorial Foundation was founded in 2004 to honor and preserve the legacy of Tanner Jeans, age 7, who died in a biking accident on Snoqualmie Ridge. Tanner was an avid Husky fan and dreamed of playing a professional or college level sport. Tanner was an excellent student and a good friend, brother and son. His legacy continues to inspire others through the Tanner Jeans Memorials Foundation's involvement in athletic scholarships throughout the Valley and through the annual Tanner Jeans Memorial Bike Safety Rodeo each summer.

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Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank

March 2017

Amount Awarded $15,600

The Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank helps stabilize our community by providing access to food and other resources to people in need. They emphasize fresh, whole foods and encourage clients to select from a variety of produce. On average 13,000 pounds of food is distributed each week to neighbors in need.

The money we donated will go toward providing healthy, fresh food options like fruit, vegetables and dairy to supplement the food collected through the grocery rescue programs and their partner programs, Food Lifeline, TEFAP and Northwest Harvest.

Learn more about Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank.

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Eastside Fire and Rescue Benevolent Fund

December 2016

Amount Awarded $15,300

The fund was created to provide money for community needs experienced first hand by firefighters. Eastside Fire serves Issaquah, Sammamish, Carnation and North Bend, they also work with the fire stations in Fall City, Snoqualmie and Duvall. Firefighters, with boots on the ground, are in and out of houses, parks, schools and businesses throughout the area. They know those who are impacted by disaster or have other needs.

The fund was established to purchase materials in order to help those impacted by poverty, hunger, homelessness or other hardships. Generously donating their time, firefighters have rebuilt decks, patched roofs, provided defibrillators for various community groups, purchased snacks for students going to school hungry, collected for local foodbanks and are now developing a river safety program that will include life jacket distribution posts and river education. And the list goes on...

Read an editorial on our gift in the Snoqualmie Valley Record.

Snoqualmie Valley Community Network

September 2016

Amount Awarded $ 14,100

The SVCN works to connect community members with local organizations that promote and inspire youth in grades 4-12 to lead safe, healthy, and successful lives with an emphasis on suicide prevention. Working with schools and families, SVCN identifies youth who can benefit from programs and workshops providing leadership opportunities, (pre)employment skills and tools for navigating drugs, alcohol, anxiety and depression.

The money raised on Monday will be used to develop and implement the SVCN newest program, Youth Success! This is a mentoring program that will connect local adult volunteers with area youth. The SVCN wants all kids to experience the protective factors that come when they are actively engaged with a caring adult.

Learn more about Snoqualmie Valley Community Network.

National PKU Alliance

May 2016

Amount Awarded $13,200

For anyone who’s ever had a baby, you may be familiar with the PKU test. It’s the heel prick, blood draw, that’s done at birth. In the United States, 250 babies a year are born with this disease. Because PKU is so rare, the financial support to advance research falls upon the families and loved ones of people with PKU and the communities who support them.

The 100+ WWC-GSV donation will go towards helping to grow and strengthen the quality and quantity of PKU research worldwide. Research goals include, raising awareness about this disease, accelerating the development of new therapies, having one new treatment in the FDA clinical trials in the next five years, and to ultimately, find a cure.

Learn more about National PKU Alliance.