Charity Selection Process

Charity Considerations

  • Only 501(c)(3) charities will be considered.

  • Charities must have been in existence for a minimum of one year and able to provide tax receipts.

  • Charity must agree not to use, give, or sell the contact information of our members for additional solicitation by them or other organizations.

  • We will consider supporting organizations of national and/or international scope if a member has a personal, compelling connection to an organization or if a member believes an organization provides a unique educational experience that broadens the membership’s national and/or global awareness.

Charity Nominations / Presentations

  • Members who wish to submit a charity for consideration must complete a Charity Nomination Form.

  • The form must be submitted at least 15 days before the meeting date in order to be eligible for consideration at the upcoming meeting.

  • Charity Nomination Forms submitted at a meeting will be eligible for consideration at the next meeting date.

  • Only members who have signed a Membership Form dated from our last meeting and who are current on their contributions may submit a charity for consideration.

  • If multiple members nominate the same charity, we will inform those members of the overlap so that they may coordinate a presentation. Only one member may present.

  • Three charities will be drawn at the beginning of each meeting for presentation at that meeting.

  • The sponsoring member(s) who submitted the selected charity should be ready to make a 5-minute presentation at the meeting about their nominated charity.

  • A 5-minute question and answer period will take place immediately following each presentation.

Selection / Voting

  • Following the 5-minute presentations of the three drawn charities, each eligible member present will vote by ballot, with the charity receiving the most votes winning. All members are responsible for writing a check to the selected charity.

  • In the case of a 2-way tie, the membership will be provided with the names of the two charities and a second vote will be taken. If the second vote results in another tie, a charity will be randomly picked by putting both names in a hat and drawing a winner.

  • Organizations not selected may be resubmitted at subsequent meetings.

  • The selected organization is not eligible for consideration for two years but the nominating member may submit the name of another organization at subsequent meetings.

  • Checks are written directly to the local organization, not to 100WWCGSV.

  • At the following meeting, the selected charity will send a representative to report on how the money is being used. And the process begins again.